For Your Listening Pleasure...

Hi, guys!

I listen to a lot of podcasts and have become pretty good friends with some of the podcast hosts over the last few years. This week I wanted to shine the spotlight on one of my favorite podcasts (and podcast hosts) out there, the Knit Actually Podcast hosted by Becky Kelley. She puts out new episodes every 2 weeks and regularly includes segments on current projects, hand-dying, stash enhancement, events and reviews. (in KAP Episode 52 she gives lots of love to Club Yumi and the Zenon Stole Kits!) She also organizes the popular Knit Knosh Event that is held in Colorado.

I found the KAP podcast about a year ago while looking for some new ear fodder to listen to while driving back and forth from the Twin Cities for knitting events and was immediately hooked by Becky's cheery attitude and enthusiasm for all things fiber. Listening to her just brightens my day and I'm always learning new things from her. As well as providing details on the projects that she's working on, every so often she includes interviews with popular hand-dyers and influential members of the fiber arts community. (Ex: Kate Atherley, MJ Yarns, Renee Magee of Knerd Shop!, and an upcoming interview with Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns.)

One of the reasons that I absolutely love this podcast is because Becky and I seem to be on the same wavelength for colors, yarns and designers that we love. She has some of her own designs, but frequently works up and discusses patterns from Joji Locatelli, Veera Välimäki, Stephen West and others. Becky is the one who turned me on to MJ Yarns (and their new Red Label yarns!) and she is great about being honest about when yarns are absolutely beautiful and when they really don't work very well. She leans toward the brights combined with grey when it comes to color and there's a running joke that you could play a drinking game to the word "turquoise"while listening.

Becky also plays around with hand-dying quite a bit and always includes a detailed description of the process when she's been playing with her dye-pots. If you're interested in hand-dying, She has recommended the Craftsy Class: Professional Yarn Dyeing At Home with Sarah Eyre (of both The Sanguine Gryphon and Cephalopod Yarns) many times and has had successes with the recipes included in the class.

Becky started her podcast in an effort to find more friends in the knitting world and to make crafting a bigger part of her life, she's extended this love of the fiber arts community to an event that she organizes called Knit Knosh. I haven't been able to attend one yet, but they look and sound amazing! She partners with local-to-her yarn dyers and a local event center to offer a yarn, food and wine/beer tasting for knitters. There are 4 courses that each consist of a sampling sized portion of a yarn, a food dish and either a wine or a beer (you can choose your preference at registration.) There is a marketplace area where the 4 yarn dyers have booths set-up so that you can take home more than just the samples if you like what you see. Becky has also created an adorable line-up of swag gifts (think clever knitting bags, wine glasses and cute stitch markers) to take home with you after all the goodies have been consumed.

I hope that you give this amazing podcast a listen & that you liked this review. Have a great week of crafting (and listening)!

Shaina ^_^