February Kit Reveal: Wispy Ways

Wispy Ways Knitting Pattern & Kit

Happy early Spring! Lets celebrate the unseasonably warm weather with a flowing, lacy shawlette pattern made with some cheery sparkle yarn from my friends over at Wee Chickadee Woolery. This month's pattern is for the Wispy Ways shawlette and it's the perfect transition piece to get you ready for the upcoming warmer season.

This is the February 2017 Pattern from Club Yumi and the second pattern in the Glittering Garter Trilogy!

Wispy Ways is a shawlette that was born from the desire to make a flowy, feminine scarf that is perfect for Spring. The Dewdrop colorway from Wee Chickadee Woolery is perfect for this pattern as it incorporates little specks of bright colors in a field of pastel blue, a combination that makes me think of a distant field of flowers backed by a clear Spring sky. This shawlette is a relaxing, but addictive knit. Don't be intimidated by the fact that there is patterning on every row in the lace portions, the pattern feeds off itself and you will soon discover a rhythm to where the stitches lie.

I actually discovered Wee Chickadee Woolery through Instagram and insomnia one night about a year ago. Sometimes when I can't sleep I'll just troll through #knitting on IG until I'm tired enough to sleep and on one of the instances I saw an amazing picture of socks that were just begun on a mini-circ. The comment was that the knitter was still trying to decide if she liked the needles so I had to jump in. (If you don't know, I'm a big fan of the 9" mini-circs that Hiya-Hiya makes and I love discussing them with other knitters.) We talked about the needles, and at some point I mentioned that I loved her yarn because it looked like magical unicorns. She (Jennifer) then mentioned that she was the dyer and that she had just added some to her shop. You can imagine how things have progressed from there, lol.

When I received my order, I can't even tell you how impressed I was with the packaging and the attention to detail. The yarns were beautiful (of course I ordered more than just one), and they were bundled with a cute little hand-written note on a little chickadee-shaped card and lovingly wrapped in tissue. The yarn base that they use is absolutely wonderful, too! It has a slight silver shimmer and is so bouncy and light with an excellent squish factor! These gals are doing handmade right and are so wonderful to chat with. Please take a look at their shop or drop them a line, they are wonderful fiber artists and just lovely people.

The goodie included for Club Subscribers in this month's kit is a lotion bar from Koelzer Bee Farm. I discovered these lotion bars at a local craft show years ago and have been using them ever since because they smell wonderful and actually work like they're supposed to. And now I love that I’m able to share them with you this month, too! To match our field of flowers theme, I’ve opted for the Citrus Gardenia scented bars in the kits but they also carry unscented versions as well as soaps and edibles.

Here's an excerpt from their site about these amazing bars:

"This is an all natural lotion bar made with the purest raw beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil available. It is a long last moisturizer that will heal cracked hand, split cuticles, and callused feet. The lotion will treat Psoriasis, Eczema, and will stop the itch of mosquito’s bites, chigger bites, and poison ivy. If you apply the lotion before you go outside it will repel mosquitoes, black flies, and biting nats with no chemicals. Soap and water will not wash this lotion down the drain. It will soak in, dry, and then stay with you all day." - Koelzer Bee Farm Website

This past weekend was my first time as a vendor at an event and I couldn't have asked for a better experience! I've still got a few kits available for sale in the shop, but they've been going fast so get yours before they're gone. As with all of the Club Yumi kits, once I've sold out, the kits won't be re-stocked.

The Wispy Ways Kit Includes:

  • 1 Skein of Wee Chickadee Woolery Sparkle Sock in Dewdrop

  • 1 Printed Copy of the Wispy Ways Knitting Pattern

  • 1 Digital Copy of the Wispy Ways Knitting Pattern

  • 1 Lotion Bar from Koelzer Bee Farm (Club Yumi Subscribers only)

Interested in the pattern only? The Glittering Garter pattern trilogy won't be released as single patterns until April 2017, but I've set up a pre-pay option so that you don't forget about your interest in these fun designs. Currently only Wispy Ways is available in this format, but I'll be working on adding the Zenon Stole PDF pre-order to the shop this week so be on the lookout for the update!

Pre-Order the Wispy Ways pattern through

Pre-Order the Wispy Ways pattern through Ravelry

Enjoy the early Spring weather and Happy Knitting!

Shaina ^_^