Knit Knosh 2017

Knit Knosh 2017


This past weekend one of my knitting dreams came true when I was finally able to attend Knit Knosh 2017. This amazing afternoon of wine, food, yarn and fun is hosted and put on each year by Becky of the Knit Actually Podcast in downtown Arvada, CO. She focuses on featuring local Colorado based yarnies & shops at the event, but also welcomes contributions from friends of the podcast. (Which is how the Knit Knosh Cowl came about - be sure to read to the bottom of this post to find out how to get a copy of the pattern for free!)

Knit Knosh 2017

At Knit Knosh, attendees get 4 tasting courses of food, wine/beer/cider, and locally dyed yarns to sample. The featured dyers also have booths set-up so attendees can purchase full sized skeins, project bags and other goodies both before and after the tasting. There were 6 dyers this year so we enjoyed 3 courses with 2 skeins in each course and then we had dessert while knitting/shopping.

Course 1:

  • Knerd String - 100% Superwash

  • Skeindalous Mae - 100% Superwash Merino

  • St Vrain Cidery Chokeberry Cider

  • Bacon Goat Cheese Flatbread

Course 2:

  • Bijou Basin Ranch Tibetan Dream - 85% Yak / 15% Nylon

  • OR Bijou Basin Ranch Himalayan Trail - 75% Yak / 25% Merino

  • OR Bijou Basin Ranch Lhasa Wilderness - 75% Yak / 25% Bamboo

  • MJ Yarns Colorado Pure Fingerng - 100% Colorado Merino

  • Wild Pig Viongier

  • Diablo Shrimp Skewers

Course 3:

  • Colorful Eclectic Ecstasy Sock - 50% Merino / 50% Silk

  • KnitStitch Softy Sock - 75% Merino / 25% Nylon

  • Bootstrap Brewing Chilax Pineapple

  • Street Tacos

Course 4:

  • Prizes! (& shopping!)

  • St. Kathryn Cellars Cranberry Kiss

  • Knit Knosh Cookies

There were also really cute goodie bags from Becky that were filled with stitch markers from Longmont Yarn Shoppe, a Christmas ornament form and knitting pattern from Fingerplay Studios, vendor stickers/coupons, wool wash & candies. We each got to take home souvenir wine glasses that were personalized for the event as well. Everyone that participated was in such a good mood and there were so many wonderful things and people everywhere you looked that it would have been hard not to thoroughly enjoy yourself.

Knit Knosh 2017

The event completely sold out and was so much fun! I made it out with 6 full-sized skeins (so I was really glad that I had paid for a carry-on without actually needing it until the flight back) and a bunch of new yarny friends, but I've seen a few hauls that are truly drool-worthy. Check out #knitknosh to see all the amazing goodies that attendees took home with them. ^_^

Meeting Jonathan from MJ Yarns

I was also super stoked to get to meet Jonathan from MJ Yarns in person (and to buy his Colorado Pure yarn in the gorgeous Jade colorway ::swoon::)!

I blame the yarn fumes, but I completely forgot to take a picture with Becky while we were at the event! I did get to talk with her quite a bit though and it was so wonderful to get to meet her in person and hang out (in between all the craziness). She is so super sweet and fun & I can't wait until the next time I visit Colorado so that we can hang out again.

Becky is hands-down my favorite podcast host & I highly recommend that you all go and subscribe to the Knit Actually Podcast right this moment. (I promise that you'll thank me!) You can hear her enthusiasm for her yarns and knits in each episode & listening while you craft makes for such a lovely way to spend the time.

Oh, yeah, I also have a new pattern to announce to you all today: the Knit Knosh Cowl!

This is a quick and fun cowl that I designed to use up the yarn samples that we got at Knit Knosh 2017. It was included in attendee's goodie bags & is now available on Ravelry. It's worked with short-rows and 2 strands of fingering-weight yarn held double on size 7 needles. I've included the exact color changes that I used in the sample pictured above, but this is a great pattern for playing with yarns from your stash and leftovers from other projects. Because of the marling technique used, you can mix and match almost any yarns and achieve a beautiful cowl that you'll love to wear. (And it knits up so quickly, you could even make a few as gifts for the holidays!)

If you're on my e-mail list, check your in-box for the code to download the pattern for free. If you aren't on my list and didn't attend the event, you can still snag a free copy of the pattern if you subscribe to get my e-mails through the form at the bottom of this page. You only have until next week to get the pattern for free, though so sign-up today!

I'd love to see what yarns you all choose to use with your Knit Knosh Cowls so please use the tags: #knitknoshcowl & @yumiyarns on your social media posts.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

Happy crafting,

Shaina ^_^