Step By Step Tutorial: Easy Peasy Knitted Bow

Easy Peasy Knitted Bow Tutorial


This is the easiest knitted package topper/decoration/accessory that I've ever made. It's a great last minute project that will also make a dent in your scrap yarn! I've written this tutorial as more of a knitting recipe than an actual pattern so that you can adjust it for whatever weight yarn you would like to use. Just grab your yarn and some appropriate needles & we'll get started!

Note: I havn't included yarn quantities for this project. If you feel like you may run out of your selected yarn, pick a coordinating yarn & stripe the 2 colors by alternating every other row or so. You'll end up with a cute striped bow in the end!

Easy Peasy Knitted Bow Tutorial Supplies

Supplies Needed:

  • Yarn

  • Double Pointed Needles in a size appropriate for your selected yarn

  • Scissors

  • Stitch Marker

  • Tapestry Needle

Featured Yarns in this Tutorial

(Main Color) Colorful Eclectic’s Enchanted Sock in Here for the Party (Fingering-weight)


(Secondary Color - Oranges) Three Irish Girls Adorn Luxe in Good Vibrations (Fingering-weight)


Easy Peasy Knitted Bow Tutorial:

Easy Peasy Knitted Bow Tutorial Step 1

Step 1. Cast on 30 - 50 stitches. (Or however many you would like. Remember, the more stitches you add, the bigger your bow and the more yarn you will use.)

Cabling Without A Cable Needle Tutorial

Step 2. Distribute stitches evenly across needles...

Magic Knot Tutorial Step 3

Step 3. Place marker for beginning of round & join to work in the round. (Be careful that you don’t twist your stitches!)

Magic Knot Tutorial Step 4

Step 4. Knit all stitches around until piece measures at least twice the width of the tube laid flat. (Example: If the fabric that you've already knit is 2" wide when you lay it flat, you'll want to knit your tube to at least 4".)

Magic Knot Tutorial Step 5

Step 5. Bind off all stitches, weave in ends.

Magic Knot Tutorial Step 6

Step 6. Cut a 1 yd (1 m) length of yarn.

Magic Knot Tutorial Step 7

Step 7. Leaving a tail of about 8” (20 cm) dangling, wrap the yarn around the middle of the knitted tube so that it forms the center “knot” in the bow. Leave an 8” (20 cm) tail on this end as well.

Magic Knot Tutorial Step 8

Step 8. Knot the tails to the back of the bow and use them to attach your bow to whatever needs a little added cuteness in your life!

Try It Out!

It's best to put a new technique into practice right away so that you can remember it in the future. Here are some fun ideas for using your adorable knitted bows.

Kawaii Band Knitting Pattern

Add one to a hat or headband - Kawaii Band Knitting Pattern

Dapper Stuffed Alpaca

Add one to a favorite stuffed animal for yourself or a friend.

Bow Bunting

Make tons of bows and attach them to create a cute garland for your craft room!

(Obviously, this is a pic of a bunting made from paper cut-outs. Just imagine how adorable it would be in your favorite yarn leftovers!)


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