World Wide Knit In Public Day 2018

Kindly Hosts Shawl Knitting Kit

After WWKIPD, the pattern price will go up to $4.99 & it will be split into 2 separate patterns (1 for the socks & 1 for the shawl). If you buy before June 10th, you’ll get both patterns for $2!

“Why don’t we do it in the road?” - The Beatles

No, I’m not advocating knitting in traffic. I’m inviting you to join knitters around the world in moving outside your normal knitting local for a day so that we can be seen. There are so many other hobbies/activities that are done out in the world, why don’t we bring our knitting outside or to a local cafe or pub & show the world that we are here!

This is the 3rd year that I’ve created and run an online knitting scavenger hunt for this event known as World Wide Knit in Public Day. It’s taking place on June 9th, 2018 & all that is asked of you is that you bring your crafting skills into the world. Get out of your homes and yarn shops, grab some friends & go have fun!

Which do you prefer: Socks or Shawls?

I’ve done something a bit different with this year’s game, you can now decide if you want to make a shawl or a pair of socks! The clues that you find will be the same for either pattern, the base patterns, needles, & gauge will be the only difference. At the end of the KaL, you will receive both patterns in full so if you buy the pattern before June 10th, you will get each pattern for $1!

What Is a Knitting Scavenger Hunt? (How To Play Online)

My local group does a cafe shop hop to celebrate WWKIPD so I created this knitting scavenger hunt to go along with it. Then I thought about all my online friends & decided that I would hide the clues around the internet for them to play along with. Here’s how you can play:

  • When you purchase the pattern you will receive 2 files, 1 file for the Socks Cover Page & 1 file for the Shawl Cover Page. This will include the basic information like gauge, needles, notions, etc. along with the Clue schedule & the pertinent info about the KaL (what you are currently reading).

  • On Friday, June 8th I’ll send out an update with the base pattern for the Socks & the Shawl. Everything will be clearly labeled so that you can access/print the file that pertains to the project that you’re wanting to make. (2 new files total)

  • On Saturday, June 9th (WWKIPD) the clues will be available in the following locations by the times listed:

  • Clue 1 - Yumi Yarns Ravelry Group @ 7:00 AM CST

  • Clue 2 - YumiYarns Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @ 11:00 AM CST (This will be the same clue at all locations, but not everyone uses every app so this way you can use the one that you’re most comfortable with to get your clue.)

  • Clue 3 - @ 2:00 PM CST

  • To give everyone time to work on their projects, the final release of both patterns will be on July 2, 2018.

For the Locals (How To Play In-Person)

If you're local to the Sioux Falls, SD area I'd like to invite you to join our group in a cafe/shop hop around town. We'll be making 3 stops throughout the day, feel free to join us for 1 or all of them. Clues will be handed out at each stop, but if you can't make it to all of the locations you can follow the instructions listed above for playing online so that you can get all of your pattern clues. You can purchase your pattern from Ravelry or from your local yarn shop. E-mail Shaina if you need a printed copy of the pattern.

Cafe/Shop Hop Schedule:

7:00 AM - 11:00 AM @ Queen City Bakery

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM@ Falls Overlook Cafe

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM@ Athena Fibers

Whether or not you're participating in the KaL, please join us for some crafting, drinks, food & community, we'd love to see you!

As an added bonus for those of you in the Twin Cities area, StevenBe will be hosting a WWKIPD event at the Bloomington IKEA in the morning. They're featuring the Do it in the Road KaL pattern and they have a few YumiYarns patterns to give-a-way to participants so stop by & knit a bit with the Glitter Gang!


To make things a bit more exciting, this year we’ll have some prizes for participants!

To be eligible for a prize, between June 9th & July 1st, 2018 you must post a picture of yourself working on your project somewhere that isn’t your home or LYS. (This can be posted in the WWKIPD thread in the Yumi Yarns Ravelry Group or on Instagram with the hashtag: #Doitintheroadkal18 ) You also must have purchased a copy of this pattern & be working on it in the photo.

I’ll be randomly drawing 1 winner each week while the KaL is going on. Each drawing will be pulled from the new entries since the last drawing.

You are allowed more than 1 entry as long as progress has been made on the project since your last posting.

You can gain 1 additional entry each drawing by posting a group photo of yourself with friends crafting in public. (Yes, crocheters in your group count.) This also has to be a new picture for you, no re-posting a memory from WWKIPD each week. To get this entry, go out each week with a group & knit in a cafe or something. (Friends who are both in the picture can post the same picture as separate entries.)

Drawings/Prizes will be as follows:

  • June 11th - 1 Winner will be drawn to win a $25 gift card to

  • June 18th - 1 Winner will be drawn to win their choice of 1 YumiYarns pattern.

  • June 25th - 1 Winner will be drawn to win their choice of 1 YumiYarns pattern.

  • July 2nd - 1 Winner will be drawn to win a $25 gift card to

Since the KaL ends on July 1st,

only finished projects will be in the running for the prize on July 2nd.

Yarn Selection Tips

These patterns feature simple lace to keep them easy to bring along to a gathering of friends. I recommend choosing yarns that aren’t extremely variegated as the lace patterning may get lost. Tonals, speckles, gradients, solids, semi-solids and even subtley variegated yarns (think Malabrigo-style) would work very well. Some self-striping yarns would work for the socks, though I would avoid self-patterning ones.