Clean Water For Everyone!

charity: water - thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who purchased a copy of my #titsoutcollective eBook, "If I Wanted Exposure..." last month! In total we raised $35 for charity: water which is amazing, but I'd love to contribute even more to this wonderful organization.

Getting to share this organization with all of you has made me so incredibly happy & the feedback that I've gotten has been absolutely wonderful! I've decided that going forward 10% from every sale in my Ravelry Store & from will be donated to charity: water to help fund clean water projects.

The 10% will come off the top which means that if a pattern costs $5, $0.50 will be donated. Club Yumi subscriptions, kits & everything else available in the store count towards these donations, too! All new patterns & kit releases will also be a part of the donations as well. I've added the charity: water Supporter graphic to all Yumi Yarns products to make it clear that a purchase will equal a donation.

charity: water Supporter Logo

So what about those of you who are loyal YumiYarnies & already have all my patterns or you just aren't in the market for a new project right now? I've set up a campaign for anyone who just wants to contribute funds to our goal of $500 raised by September 30, 2018. You can access our page by clicking any of the images in this post or by visiting:

The campaigns run quarterly so my plans are to update all of you at the beginning of each month with how close we are to reaching our goal & at the end of the quarter we'll celebrate our accomplishments & set a new goal. Hopefully we'll just keep growing & growing our donations to help provide clean water for everyone!

I don't normally ask this, but this project means a lot to me and I would appreciate it so much if you would share this post/e-mail with anyone you think would be interested in helping us to reach our goals. Share it to your social media channels, send it as an email or as a text message. Please help me spread the word, people shouldn't be getting sick & dyeing because they have to drink & bathe in gross, dirty water.

Thank you all so much for being such a wonderful & supportive community.

Happy crafting!

Shaina ^_^

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