Busy Bee Throw Crochet Pattern!


I'm working on bringing all of my available patterns over to so every Thursday for the foreseeable future I'll be adding a new pattern to the site! Some are free and some are paid for, but all are fun & will hopefully bring a smile to your face.

Today's pattern is a crochet pattern for the Busy Bee Throw!

This was my first ever pattern printed in a publication. It was printed in the Knitpicks book, The Well-Made Home: Crochet back in May of 2015 and is super potato-chippy to work on. It uses only double crochet, chain stitches, and slip stitches so it's a really relaxing project as well. The sample uses 5 colors, but I've seen some scrappy versions that are simply stunning so have fun with it & play around with the colors.

"The hexagon pattern of the Busy Bee Throw is a modern update of a traditional granny square. Worked separately and seamed together, this blanket is finished with a single crochet border. Make it in traditional beehive colors, or go rogue and change it to bright pops of vivid color! Your home will benefit from either choice."

- excerpt from The Well-Made Home: Crochet

The pattern is available to download in the Yumi Yarns Shop as well as through Ravelry.

Happy knitting! 😘

Shaina ^_^

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