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Happy #Stashurday everyone!! Take a look at the gorgeous beauties from MJ Yarns!


I'm so thrilled that Jonathan sent me these 3 skeins of his One Ewe fingering singles in the Jubilee colorway to design with, they're so beautiful and absolutely perfect for what I have in mind.

And just what do I have in mind?

I'm rewriting the very first Mystery Knit a Long pattern that I ever created. The original pattern was a shawl for World Wide Knit In Public Day 2016 that highlighted various techniques & textures with clues hidden around at local shops and online.

The resulting shawl was really pretty (I nicknamed mine "the mermaid shawl"), but I've been dreaming of reworking it for awhile now with newer techniques and shaping so that it has better drape and flow.

I'll share a few pictures of the original shawl in the next few days, but for now I just wanted to show off these lovely skeins which I have already caked up and started working a new sample into.

Watch my stories over the next few weeks to see it progress and grow. Some of the pics are ones that I've had sitting in the phone for a bit as I've been wrapping up other news so if it seems like I'm progressing really really fast... I'm not, it's just the magic of delayed posting, lol. 😅

Also, I'm working on an off-ravelry testing space since so many people are having problems with their new site design triggering migraines & such so if you would like to test knit the pattern please comment below or send me an email ( Otherwise, you can sign up for a test knit earburn in my Ravelry group.

Happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

Crafting Inspiration

Are you as ready to knit all the things as I am?!

(PS: None of these are linked to Ravelry.)

Adventure Anklets

$5.99 USD

Stash-Berry Pi Shawl


Intergalactic Wrap

$5.99 USD


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