De-Stash Yarn Sale!


Have you been busily working on holiday crafting/shopping/baking & need a fiber-filled reward?

I'm doing a de-stash yarn sale right now in the Yumi Yarns Shop and added the first round of skeins to the listings! I'll be adding more each Wednesday for the rest of the year so if you don't see anything that strikes your fancy right now check back soon.

Happy knitting! 😘

Shaina ^_^


As my gift to all of my newsletter subscribers this holiday season, I’m including a special download link in the newsletter every Wednesday in December 2020 for a free copy of my new Garden of Minis Shawl pattern! Sign-up for my newsletter to get your copy on Wednesday!

Patterns Perfect for Minis:

English Garden

$5.99 USD

(Linked to the Yumi Yarns Shop)

Countdown to Christmas Mystery Shawl

$5.99 USD

(Linked to Ravelry)

Adventure Anklets

$5.99 USD

(Linked to the Yumi Yarns Shop)


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