Free Winter Buddy Crochet Pattern!


I'm working on bringing all of my available patterns over to so every Thursday for the foreseeable future I'll be adding a new pattern to the site! Some are free and some are paid for, but all are fun & will hopefully bring a smile to your face.

Today's pattern is a free crochet pattern for a stuffed Winter Buddy!

This is a super easy intro pattern for anyone wanting to dip their toe into making amigurumi-style stuffed crochet toys. What makes amigurumi different from other types of crochet projects is the fact that you are just working around and around and around without adding any extra chain stitches at the beginning of each round. (If this sounds like a foreign language to you, no worries. Just know that Amigurumi is the easiest form of crochet, hands-down. So you've got this.)

Winter Buddy is a cute, simple little snow fellow made from the most basic of basic crochet techniques. He's very helpful too, because you can just use scrap yarn and leftover buttons to make him. You could even skip the buttons entirely and just stitch his features on if you want.

For filling you can use roving, poly-fil, yarn/fabric scraps, rocks, a baggie full of sand, whatever you have on hand. The only thing I caution against is using beans, rice, etc., because bugs and critters will be more attracted to your little snow person if you fill him full of food-stuffs. (And nobody wants that!)

The pattern is available to download for free in the Yumi Yarns Shop as well as through Ravelry.

Happy knitting! 😘

Shaina ^_^

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