June's Featured Dyer: Queen City Yarn!

I'm so thrilled to share with you all this month's featured indie dyer:

Queen City Yarn!

Based out of Charlotte, NC, Janis and Christen create a stunning rainbow of colorways and have a custom-spun base called Berryhill that is quickly becoming my absolute favorite for socks!

Don't forget to order your yarn so you can knit along with us!

You can find all of Queen City Yarn's colors and bases at their site:

For this month's sock pattern, the Sidewalk Squiggles Socks, you will need:

  • 50g of a Main Color on the Berryhill yarn base


  • 50g of a Contrast Color on the Berryhill yarn base

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The colorful, cat-loving, yarn-dying enthusiast behind Queen City Yarn.

After spending Undergrad and Grad School at Savannah College of Art and Design, I found my day job didn’t offer the creative inspiration I craved. Knitting became my outlet, then my side hustle, and now my full-time venture. From casual wine and dye nights, to teaching classes, to pop-up shows, knitting has introduced me to people I cherish. I hope our yarns not only help you with your next project but also welcome you into our creative community.

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The knitting obsessed, indie pattern designing, podcasting fiber artist mom of 2, co-owner of Queen City Yarn.

After years of working in the field of substance abuse and addiction research and having my first child, my family and I moved from Philadelphia, PA to Charlotte, NC and I took on momming full-time. Knitting was my saving grace after the move. I found an amazing group of friends through a local knitting group who continue to inspire the fiber artist in me. Knit nights soon turned into wine and dye nights and the launch of Queen City Yarn. Fast forward 5 years and my family and I are back in Philadelphia. While I love dyeing yarn and continue to dream up new colorways for Janis to translate onto the skein, with this move back “home” I’ll be taking a step back from the dye pots for now and focusing on pattern designing and podcasting to keep me connected to our creative community.

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