Step by Step Daisy Stitch Tutorial


In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to knit the Daisy Stitch that is featured in my English Garden Wrap. It's worked on the wrong-side rows & is a lot more simple than it seems. Plus, it's a pretty addictive stitch & when worked on larger needles can form a great lacey texture without being too fiddly.

I ran a live version of this tutorial on Saturday, November 24th @ 3 PM CST, thank you to everyone who joined in! I'll add the links to this post once the replay is available.

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Happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^


  • A project or swatch with a multiple of 4 +3 stitches cast on.

  • Knitting needles appropriate for your yarn

Step 1:

On a Wrong Side Row, purl 3 stitches together but leave them on the left needle.

Step 2:

Yarn over (again leaving the stitches on the left needle).

Step 3a:

Purl the same 3 stitches together again.

Step 3b:

Now you can drop the stitches off the left needle.

Step 4:

Knit 1 stitch.

Step 5:

Repeat Steps 1-4 across. Knitting the stitches left at the end of the row.

Right Side Row:

Knit all stitches.


You've completed the 2 rows for a