Tips & Tricks: Mastering Mosaic

Hi, guys!

Ready to try color-work, but not quite ready to manage 2 or more yarns as once?

Here are my top tips for mosaic (slip-stitch) color-work knitting.

Quick Tips

1.) You will only ever use 1 color at a time, leave the alternate color at the beginning of row/round when you switch colors. You will come back for it later.

2.) Always slip stitches as if to purl with the working yarn held to the Wrong Side of the work.

3.) Don’t strangle your yarn! Keep your tension as light as you can without it being sloppy. Many stitches are slipped for 1-2 (or more) rows so having a bit of slack will help your finished fabric to lay nicely.

4.) If unsure of how 2 colors will look in a pattern, work a smallish swatch in pattern. There is much less heartache in making a small bit of fabric that you don’t like than a whole project. Yarns that you originally thought were high-contrast, may be more similar in tone than you would like.

5.) In general, Mosaic knitting alternates colors every 2 rows or every 1 round (depending on if you’re working flat or in-the-round). If you’ve set your work down & can’t remember which color you’re on when you pick it back up, just look at the last stitch you knit. You will begin the next row/round with the opposite color.

Ready to try your hand at some mosaic knitting?

My Magic Fringe Poncho is a great way to try out this fun & easy color-work technique. Worked from point to point, the Magic Fringe Poncho features a simple Mosaic (slipped-stitch) colorwork pattern, garter-stitch stripes & Magic Fringe. This means that you’ll never be knitting with more than 1 color at a time and that you don’t need to worry about tension as you carry the yarn up the side of the fabric. (You’ll only have your cast-on and bind-off tails to weave in, too!)

Click here to get the pattern now!

I hope your having a great day & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

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