Tutorial: 1/1/1 Right Purl Twist without a Cable Needle!

Step by Step 1/1 LslT RS (Left-slip-Twist) Knitting Tutorial


Today's tutorial will teach you how to work a 1/1/1 Right Purl Twist without a Cable Needle. This sounds fiddley and weird (and maybe a bit stressful)... and it kinda is, but it makes sense when you do it. The 1/1/1 means that there are 3 stitches involved and each stitch does something different in the cable. I'm showing you how to work it without a cable needle because I actually find it much easier this way and would love to see some of you give it a shot! If you're more comfortable working with a cable needle, I've also got a tutorial available for you on making a 1/1/1 Right Purl Twist with a Cable Needle.

I've posted the video below along with supplies used and written instructions. If you have any questions, you can always email me directly:

Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

PS: The yarn featured in this tutorial is from from Alive with Purpose Yarns in the Kenlie colorway. The project I'm knitting on is the Garden Gate Socks, which are part of the 2021 Indie Sock-a-Long.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month! From now through May 31, 2021 50% of the proceeds from the Garden Gate Socks pattern will be donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) along with 10% of all other YumiYarns pattern and product sales.

Thank you for your support!



  • Knitting project with stitches live on the needles

  • Knitting Needles appropriate to the yarn

Step 1:

Work in pattern to the 3 stitches you will be working the 1/1/1 Right Purl Twist over.

Step 2:

With the yarn held to the back, slip 3 stitches purlwise (as if you're purling them) onto the right needle.

Step 3:

Using the left needle and working into the back leg of the stitches from left to right, skip the first stitch on the right needle, but insert the tip of the left needle into the 2nd & 3rd stitches on the right needle.

Step 4:

Carefully, remove the right needle from all 3 stitches (the first stitch, the stitch we're moving, is now completely off both needles).

Step 5:

Insert the right needle from right to left into the first stitch (the one that isn't on any needle).

Step 6:

Insert the left needle from left to right into the first stitch on the right needle and work it as a Twisted Stitch (knit through the back loop).

Step 7:

Bring the yarn to the front between the two needles...

Step 8:

Purl the next stitch.

Step 9:

Bring yarn to the back between the needles & knit the next stitch through the back loop.


Continue in-pattern until it is time to work another 1/1/1 Right Purl Twist. Work steps 2-9 every time you want to work this stitch again.

That's it!

Now you can easily add a 1/1/1 Right Purl Twist pattern to any project you choose!


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