Tutorial: Large Gauge Stitches!

Step by Step 1/1 LslT RS (Left-slip-Twist) Knitting Tutorial


This tutorial shows how to work Large Gauge Stitches using 2 stitches. You can also work larger ones by using the same technique with 3 stitches. Just remember that the rows you drop down has to be a multiple of the number of stitches you're working with.

For example, since this tutorial uses 2 stitches, I've dropped down an even number of rows. If I were working 3 stitches, I could drop down 27 rows to achieve 9 Large Gauge Stitches (27/3=9). You are always dropping rows in multiples of the amount of stitches you're working.

I've posted the video below along with supplies used and written instructions. If you have any questions, you can always email me directly:

Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

PS: The yarn featured in this tutorial is from from Lavender Lune in the Interstate Love colorway. The project I'm knitting on is the Gaugetastic Vest shawl.


  • Knitting project with stitches live on the needles

  • Knitting Needles Appropriate to the Yarn

  • Crochet Hook similar in size to your knitting needles

Step 1:

Work in pattern to the stitches you will be working using the Large Gauge technique on.

Step 2:

Slip the next 2 sts off the left needle & drop down 10 (or any multiple of 2) rows. (You will have 10 "bars" of yarn between the un-dropped stitches.)

Step 3:

Starting with the leftmost stitch, insert the crochet hook knit-wise from left to right into the dropped stitches (treat these as one stitch).

Step 4:

*Placing the hook behind the bars in the rows above, use the hook to grab the 2 bottommost bars from behind & pull them through the 2 stitches on your hook; repeat from * until all bars have been worked.

Step 5:

Without twisting, place the 2 stitches from your crochet hook onto your left needle so that they are not twisted (right leg of the stitch should be on the front of the needle).

Step 6:

Knit across the 2 stitches you've just placed back on the left needle.


Continue in pattern, adding Large Gauge Stitches as called for. (Or as you see fit if you're winging it.)

That's it!

You've just added Large Gauge Stitches to your knitted fabric!

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