Video Tutorial - Saving Your Project If You Run Out of Yarn!


It happens to everyone who works with yarn at some point, you're happily knitting along when you realize that that ball of yarn next to you is shrinking faster than you would like for the amount of knitting you still have in your project. You keep going, but eventually come to the realization that there just isn't enough yarn to finish your project! This week I've got a collection of tips and tricks for what to do if (and when) you loose at yarn chicken and run out of yarn before your project is finished. (Hint: Let's find ways to keep you out of the frog pond.)

Please make sure to tag me if you share your projects on Instagram so I can see how you take these tips & make them your own! As always, if you have any questions, you can always email me directly:

Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^


Topics We Discuss:

  • Why You Might Run Out of Yarn

  • What is Yarn Chicken?

  • Solutions to Running Out of Yarn

  • Reasons Not to Panic (It's Just Knitting)

That's it!

Now you can craft on with confidence & never worry about what to do if (when) you run out of yarn!


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