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Video Tutorial - Single Crochet!


This week I've got a tutorial for you on making a Single Crochet! This is one of the most basic crochet stitches and is usually the next stitch crochet students learn after a Chain Stitch. I used it in the Lil Punkins Cowl to make the body of the cowl, but it's also perfect for creating a dense fabric for stuffed toys (like Kras & Smar on Ravelry) all you need to do is adjust the hook size to change the density of the fabric. Go down in size to get a tighter fabric (perfect for containing stuffing) and go up in size to get a looser fabric (for more drape). I hope it helps & that you enjoy expanding your crochet skills with me!

A Quick Note on US vs UK Crochet Terminology:

I use US Terminology in this tutorial because that's what I use for writing my patterns, but an easy way to convert a US crochet pattern to UK is to just use the next step up (height-wise) in the stitches. So a US Single Crochet is the same stitch as a UK Double Crochet. (I know, kinda confusing, but it is what it is. Let me know if you want me to go into this more in a future video.)

Working a Single Crochet - Crochet Tutorial Video

Please make sure to tag me (@yumiyarns) if you share your projects on social media so I can see how you take these tips & make them your own! As always, if you have any questions, you can always email me directly:

Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

PS: Thank you to my Patreon members for supporting this tutorial & thank you to KnitPicks for providing such beautiful yarn support!


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Supplies Used in this Video:

KnitPicks Swish Worsted:

Lil Punkins Cowl:

Wooden Crochet Hooks:


More Collaboration Patterns with KnitPicks:

$4.99 USD

$4.99 USD

$4.99 USD


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