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Last night I posted a teaser of the new site to IG, Twitter & FB. Did you see it?

Hi, guys!

This week I'm so super excited to share with you my new website:!! I've actually had this domain registered for about a year now but haven't been able to get the site up and running until recently. There are still a few things that I'm sure I'll change as I get more comfortable with the layout (and a few things that I'm still finishing up) but for now I'm so pleased with my new online home. Over the next few weeks I'll be working on linking up all the old posts and Tutorials from my last site ( I'll be keeping that site up as well for now, there just won't be new posts added to it.

Now I'd like to give you a brief tour of the new site. At the top of the main page you'll see that there are links to my Patterns & Events, my Favorite Things (under construction) & Meet Shaina (Under Construction).

Patterns & Events:

This is where I'll post my Patterns & Events (duh). I've got them grouped into Knitting Patterns, Crochet Patterns, KALs, Classes, and Shows/Festivals. The knitting and crochet patterns are my own designs and have links for purchasing if you like what you see. The KAL's, Classes and Shows/Festivals are all events that I'm participating in one way or another.

Right now I have quite a few more Knitting Patterns than Crochet Patterns, but I felt like I needed to split them up because I would like to release some more crochet patterns in the near future. Most of my patterns are self-published, but I have had some designs with Knitpicks and Knitters Magazine. All of those patterns are listed on this page, my self-published patterns can be purchased through Ravelry and the Knitpicks and Knitters Magazine patterns are available through their respective websites (the links take you to those sites, not Ravelry).

I listen to a lot of podcasts and participate in a lot of Knit-A-Longs (KALs) as a way of learning new techniques and getting to meet new knitting/crafting friends. I will keep an active list of all the KALs that I'm participating in here with links to the official sites for them in hopes that you all will join me in signing up for way more than we can ever complete. (I'm only about 1/3 way done with listing my current KALs.)

(Under construction) The Classes that I will have posted are classes that I will be teaching along with registration information. I love sharing my passions with everyone interested (and even a few people who aren't) and I really hope that I get to have some of you in my classes soon.

(Under construction) The Shows/Festivals are trade shows and fiber festivals that I'm planning on attending. I love going to these events so much, I try to attend as many as possible. There is just something so wonderful about being completely surrounded by other fiber peeps who are just as intoxicated by the wool fumes as I am. I love meeting new friends at these events so if you'll be attending, let me know so that we can meet up and show off our fiber purchases to each other. I'd love to meet each of you in person, so don't be shy!

Favorite Things:

(Under construction) This is my catch-all area for all the things that I love, some of them are knitting related and some of them are not. Either way, I promise that you'll want to check out this section from time to time to see new reviews, recommendations and sometimes just some fun, weirdo stuff that makes me happy. (And will hopefully make you happy, too!)

Meet Shaina:

(Under construction) Here is where you can find out a little bit more about me, how I fell down the rabbit hole of crafting and why I refuse to ever leave it.

I hope that you guys like the site and I would love to hear your feedback on it. Send me an e-mail or message and let me know if there is anything you think would be a good addition or change. Thanks so much for your support!

Have a great week of crafting,

Shaina ^_^


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