Tips, Tricks, & Techniques!


Today I just wanted to give you all a bit of an introduction to the new Tips, Tricks, & Techniques section of the blog and I promise that next week will bring an actual tutorial, but I wanted to let you know what to expect to see in future posts.

In my last post I mentioned that I would be adding a Tutorials segment to the topics covered in the blog, but I'm also giving them their own page on (it's located HERE). This way you'll be able to find just what you need to complete any Yumi Yarns pattern easily. There will be a "Try It Out" section at the end of each Tutorial with links to all my patterns that use the technique discussed so you can imediately put it into practice. I'll also be adding links from the project page on Ravelry to the techniques that are used in the pattern so you won't have to search very far when you're mid-project and need a little help.

I've had a lot of requests for video tutorials and I will be adding those in along with the photo/written tutorials. The videos will also be shared on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. At the time, though, I won't be sharing them on YouTube simply because I'm not familiar enough with that medium. Personally, I very rarely use YouTube so there will be a bit of a learning curve before I attempt to create much of a presence there. I know that a lot of you use YouTube for learning new skills, so I have created a YumiYarns YouTube Channel in case you would like to subscribe. It's more or less a placeholder while I familiarize myself with everything, but if you subscribe now, you'll get a notification once I start uploading videos. Or, you could just subscribe to my e-mail list using the form at the bottom of this page and I'll send you a message when there's a new post up.

I hope that you are as excited as I am for these new features. I can't wait to see what you make and what you think of the changes, this feels like the exact right thing for me to be doing and I hope that you all agree. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below (another new thing!) or shoot me an e-mail anytime.

Happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

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Ice Cream & Magic Cowl knit in the Three Irish Girls' Good Vibrations Colorway.

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