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This week I'd like to invite you to join the team here at by becoming an official Yarn Groupie! How do you join this elite group of crafters? Simply register as a supporter over at, you get to decide how much or how little you would like to donate each month & you get awesome rewards for supporting everything we do here at!

By becoming a Yumi Yarns Yarn Groupie (aka Patreon member), you get to be a part of our growth and development! With the funds that we receive, we will be able to expand by creating more patterns & tutorials, improving our shipping materials, & launching a regular YouTube channel that will feature New Pattern Releases, Designs-in-Progress, Tutorials, Reviews and (when we can) Interviews with other members of the knitting and crochet community.

Not quite sure what this whole Patreon thing is?

Patreon is the platform that we've chosen as a way for you to join and support the Yumi Yarns team by pledging a small amount of money each month towards helping us to develop more amazing knitting and crochet content for you & the rest of the fiber arts community! This is a voluntary contribution so you pick how much you would like to pledge. The more you pledge each month, the more rewards you receive as a member of this elite team.

As a Yumi Yarns Yarn Groupie,

you will be helping out in 3 ways:

1.) You will be providing support for all the great free content put out

at each month (which in turn helps to support

the small businesses that we work with closely).

2.) You will be enabling other crafty folks with access

to more free fiber arts content and tutorials.

3.) You will be able to collect some great exclusive perks for yourself as well!!

Check out the options listed to the right side of the screen on this page

to see what you will receive for each donation level.

Rewards may change from time to time, but we'll make sure that they are always awesome & something that we know you're going to absolutely love!

Yarn Groupies are broken down into tiers based on contribution amounts.

Each tier's rewards get better & better, I've got them detailed below for you.

Yarn Groupie - Wool Tier


$5 or more per month

Wool is the squishy base of most fiber crafts featured through & you are definitely the base for supporting everything that we do!

Thank you for providing the structure & flexibility for us to create the tutorials and patterns that go out into the world.

As a thank you for becoming a Wool Yarn Groupie and supporting the site, your name will be included in a thank you on the next email that is sent out to subscribers. You will also be included on a Patrons Page at which will be linked to in every Tutorial that is posted after May 30, 2018.

You will also receive 1 additional entry into any contests run by & will be eligible for any special offers, discounts & giveawaysthat we can organize.

Click here to become a Wool Yarn Groupie!

Yarn Groupie - Alpaca Tier


$10 or more per month

Alpaca is the little something extra in fiber blends that provides a bit of halo & a beautiful softness. You do the same thing for by creating more time for us to polish the final patterns, tutorials and posts! Thank you so much!!

In appreciation for our wonderful Alpacas, you will receive a free, early release copy of the Club Yumi knitting patterns each month and the surprise pattern that will be released during the months when Club Yumi isn't being run. ($5 value each month & you get access as soon as the Club Members do!)

You will also get all of the Wool level rewards.

Click here to become an Alpaca Yarn Groupie!

Yarn Groupie - Silk Level


$30 or more per month

Silk is generally added into fiber blends in smaller amounts, but even just a bit adds a luscious softness and drape to the finished fabric. Though there are fewer supporters at this level, you make a huge difference in the type and amount of content that we're able to provide at We can't thank you enough for being so supportive of our goals and dreams!

To our fabulous Silk Patrons we have 2 options for rewards:

- US residents will get free shipping on everything from!

- International Patrons will get 1/2 price shipping on everything from!

You will also get all of the Wool & Alpaca level rewards.

Click here to become a Silk Yarn Groupie!

What is the first goal for funds from our Yarn Groupies?

For our first goal, we would like to be able to create a bi-weekly YouTube video podcast that will feature:

  • Designs-in-Progress

  • Pattern Releases

  • Tutorials

  • Reviews

  • Interviews with indie dyers & other fiber crafters (not every episode)

Once we've reached this goal, we'll decide on the next one to aim for. We'd love to hear your input on what kinds of content you would like to see at

Please send your thoughts & ideas to Shaina so we can mull them over.

Thank you so so much for being here & for supporting

You are amazing & can do anything! Happy Crafting! Shaina ^_^

Thank you so much to my current Yarn Groupies,

you're absolutely amazing!!

Debra Nelson

Lori Knarr


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