Adding Beads to the Naiad Shawl!


Adding All. The. Beads. To this section in my Naiad Shawl sample and loving every stitch of it! 🤩

What do you guys think? Do you love or hate adding beads to your knitting? (It seems like this is one of those techniques that people are very strongly for or against, lol.)

I happen to love adding beads when I’m in the mood for them & I especially love shopping for the perfect mix of styles to match with the yarn I’m using. Getting everything all matchy matchy and laid out just brings me so much joy.

I realized that I’ve been sharing a lot of info about this project in my Instagram stories (and everything is in a Naiad Shawl Highlight in my Insta-profile), but I’ve yet to share much progress on this pattern redesign anywhere else.

The pattern will likely go off to my tech editor this week as some of my test knitters are already finishing theirs. Then MJ Yarns & I have plans for a really fun pattern launch!

So, keep an eye out for more updates & sneak peeks of this super customizable & fun knit as this week goes on & I’ll see you all soon!!

Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

Try Adding Beads with These Patterns:

Soiree Cowl

$5.99 USD

(Linked to Ravelry)


$5.99 USD

(Linked to Ravelry)

Soiree Slouch

$5.99 USD

(Linked to Ravelry)


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