Black Births Matter Fundraiser

You guys!! Look at this amazing colorway Lavender Lune Yarn Co. has created as a fundraiser for Metro Midwifery!! 😍😍😍

"Make Home Birth Accessible for All - The MN Black Home Birth Initiative is fighting racial health disparities by increasing access to safe, culturally competent, community centered midwifery care for black families by allocating funds to cover home birth fees."

- Metro Midwifery

Sam (owner/dyer/everything) of Lavender Lune Yarn Co. is also a birth worker so this fundraiser holds a special place in her heart and she is generously donating 20% of all sales along with $10 from each skein of this yarn sold through July 17th to the MN Black Home Birth Initiative.

I wasn't aware of this until Sam shared it, but black women are actually 3-6 times more likely to die during pregnancy or child birth than white women are.

I've only had one kid, and to be honest, I'm probably not having any more because I just hated being pregnant. 😅 I did have a really easy pregnancy/birth and we've never had any problems with my kid. If I hadn't had access to the kind of care that I wanted during that time though, it would have added another layer of worry and concern to my already stressed-out system.

That's why I'm so thrilled that Sam is offering this fundraiser and made me aware of this organization. Not all women have as smooth of a child birth as I experienced & not all women have access to the care they want and need. For some women pregnancy is a wonderful time and for others it's completely the opposite.

I love the idea of helping to make it a good and safe experience for all women, but especially for black women since they're at a higher risk so I'm also contributing 20% of all YumiYarns sales for the month of July 2020 to Metro Midwifery. (I've decided that each month I'll pick a different organization to donate to that improves the lives of others.)

Black Births Matter. Help this week by buying yarns from @LavenderLuneYarn , patterns from @YumiYarns , or by donating to @MetroMidwiferyMN directly. 💕

Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

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