Knitters, let's do our part.

The events going on in Minneapolis right now are unbelievable. I can't even imagine what some of you might be going through with the riots and I'm so sorry if you're experiencing this from a front-row seat.

My heart especially goes out to my BIPOC friends who are caught up in all of this. I don't even have the words to express how much love I have for you and how much sadness I have that this is the world we are currently living in.

I'm also so angry and frustrated over the public murder of George Floyd and the blatant racism shown by the police precinct. This is absolutely disgusting and makes me feel sick just to think of.

Earlier today @stevenbestudios shared a video that at any other time would have probably been viewed as a fun & light-hearted distraction, but today came across as self-serving, inconsiderate, and dripping with white privilege. I'm not excusing the video or anything related to it, but I do believe that Steven didn't intend to be hurtful.

That being said, a thoughtless act from an influential voice can leave lasting scars and cause a lot of damage.

I'm very aware of my own white privilege and can completely understand the urge to "escape reality" with some pretty yarn... but we need to be brave, face our reality, and take action because not everyone has the option to hide when things get bad.

I want to do what I can to help rectify the situation in Minneapolis. So from now through the end of June, all sales for every pattern that I've partnered with StevenBe on will be donated to the Minneapolis NAACP.

I've created a bundle (pictured above) with the qualifying patterns on Ravelry & am working on adding them to the pattern shop on Qualifying patterns purchased in-stores will also be donated.

In addition to this, I will also be contributing 20% of all YumiYarns proceeds for the foreseeable future.

Thank you all for being the amazing crafters that I know you can be!


These are the patterns I've partnered with StevenBe on.

Click the text below each picture to purchase your favorite patterns & do your part:

Magic Fringe Poncho

$5.99 USD

Soiree Slouch

$5.99 USD

Knit at Nite MKaL

$5.99 USD

Highlighter Affair

$5.99 USD

Andromeda's Wings

$5.99 USD