Black Lives Matter Update


I've been a bit quiet lately, but I wanted to let you know that I'm still here learning & helping where I can locally. Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased a pattern from me so far this month & for helping to support the black community in Minneapolis.

For those who don't know, I'll be donating 20% off all YumiYarns proceeds for the month of June to @minneapolisnaacp along with all proceeds from my Black Lives Matter Pattern Bundle. If you already own the patterns, you can always gift them to a friend & use it as an ice-breaker to begin a conversation about anti-racism. 💕

I've also linked a few reading lists below if you're also interested in expanding and improving your view of the world we all live in.

Hope you're all healthy, safe & enjoying whatever projects you're working on. (Whether they're yarn based or community based or both. 😉 )

Shown above is my Faded Andromeda's Wings pattern knit in Three Irish Girls Yarn. It's part of my Black Lives Matter Pattern Bundle mentioned above & includes a smaller size which is perfect for a Splash Pad Party entry or a quick finish for ZK2020 @ home. Trying to help you guys double dip for all the things, lol!  ^_^

Thank you all for being the amazing crafters that I know you can be!

Shaina ^_^

7 Essential Anti-Racism Books (Kids-Adults)

An Anti-Racist Reading List

Black Lives Matter Fundraiser

All sales of the following patterns will be donated to the Minneapolis NAACP through the month of June 2020 along with 20% of all YumiYarns profits for the month. Click the text below each picture to purchase your favorite patterns & do your part:

Magic Fringe Poncho

$5.99 USD

Soiree Slouch

$5.99 USD

Knit at Nite MKaL

$5.99 USD

Highlighter Affair

$5.99 USD

Andromeda's Wings

$5.99 USD

Soiree Co wl

$5.99 USD


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