Today is #BlackoutTuesday

If you've been on Instagram at all today you've probably seen these posts. It's just a post of a black box with the #BlackoutTuesday hashtag in the comments (sometimes with the addition of resources or words of encouragement).

The idea is to silence all the white noise and chatter that's been steadily growing on social media surrounding the riots and racism and instead amplify the voices of those who live with racism on a daily basis while we pause & reflect on how we can do better.

I've shared resources in my Instagram Stories for improving ourselves along with providing links below to Anti-racist Reading Lists for all ages so that you can begin to educate yourselves and your loved ones on what this movement is truly about.

As a white woman living in the midwest, I know how easy it is to get defensive when the topic of racism is brought up. I'm asking you to set that knee-jerk reaction aside for a moment and listen to what is actually being asked of you from the people leading this movement:

All that's being asked is for you to take time out of your day to care about another individual who is hurting (and probably emotionally exhausted right now).

7 Essential Anti-Racism Books (Kids-Adults)

An Anti-Racist Reading List

Thank you all for being the amazing crafters that I know you can be!

Shaina ^_^

Black Lives Matter Fundraiser

All sales of the following patterns will be donated to the Minneapolis NAACP through the month of June 2020 along with 20% of all YumiYarns profits for the month. Click the text below each picture to purchase your favorite patterns & do your part:

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