Book Review: The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World

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I've been really into reading & listening to more books lately while I knit & thought that you might be interested in some reviews of the ones that have caught my eye. None of the reviews are sponsored & I've paid for the books myself. I'm just selecting titles that I'm interested in & writing my honest opinion on them as I finish the books. Links in these posts are affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase through one of my links, you don't pay any extra, but I get a small amount of money for sending you to the site where you made your purchase. (It's a nice way to say thank you for pointing you towards a new favorite book.)

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This first book was one that I picked up because I've been debating on going back to being a vegan again & it's been awhile since I was completely in that world so I was interested what new studies/science has come out about this diet. I've listened to interviews with Marco before & I love his easy-going yet passionate approach to this lifestyle (& to life in general). This book was about what I expected (a basic intro to going vegan) with a few great gems tucked throughout & a delicious looking recipes section that I can't wait to start in on. I listened to the audio version from Audible so my recipes are in a pdf that I can access on my phone while cooking. The audio is only about 6 hours long so it's short & sweet, but gets the points across. If you're new to the whole-foods, plants-based nutrition world the physical book may be easier to follow along with so you can go back & reference parts more easily.

I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to trying out the recipes. There was a ton of info in here & it was easily consumable, but I marked it as 4 out of 5 stars because it still felt like a lot of the text was either content that had been repurposed from earlier in the book or was info that is readily available & constantly regurgitated by everyone else in the whole-foods, plant-based field.

That being said, this would be an excellent book for those who are just being introduced to this way of eating or who are even a bit curious. Marco's no-pressure stance on making healthy choices super easy (in most instances easier than the un-healthy ones) is perfect for those who are a bit unsure of where to start or even why they should be interested in any of this at all. Highly recommended if you're just starting down the path of conscious consumerism, health, nutrition, environmentalism or even just raising your kids. This book is a great into into all these areas & has plenty of delicious meal ideas to support you on your path.

Favorite Quotes

"Food is the one and only construction material for the growing body of a child you love."

"There is an opportunity everyday to do something good for (your)self."

"You cannot give the best of yourself if you're not your best self."

Recommended For

Those interested in health, nutrition, environmentalism, & conscious consumerism.

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