Step By Step Tutorial: German Twisted Cast On

Hello! This week I wanted to do a quick tutorial on how to do the German Twisted Cast-On (the cast-on that I recommend for my Giant Color Shift Brioche Scarf). This cast-on method is also known as the Old Norwegian Cast On and is wonderful for Brioche or any knitting where you want a super stretchy and elastic beginning to your project!

Supplies Needed:

  • Yarn

  • Appropriately Sized Knitting Needles

Featured Yarn in this Tutorial:

Lydia's Flock Light Lopi yarn in White (worsted-weight)


German Twisted Cast On:

Step 1. Make a Slip Knot and place it on the needle with the tail end closest to your body.

Step 2. Hold the yarn in your left hand as if you will be doing a traditional Long-Tail Cast On. The tail should be wrapped around your thumb and the ball end should be wrapped around your index finger. Hold your knitting needle (with the slip knot) in your right hand.

Step 3. Rather than inserting the needle in the yarn loop around your thumb, you will put the tip of the needle under both strands of yarn.

Step 4. Now you will bring the tip of your needle down into the loop on your thumb. Bring the needle back up on the outside of the loop on the side closest to your body.

Step 5. From right to left, bring the needle under the left-most strand of yarn that is wrapped around your index finger. (You will end up right between the loops of yarn wrapped around your thumb and forefinger.)

Step 6. Bring the needle back towards your body and bring it back under the strand of yarn that is wrapped around your thumb and is closest to you. Bring the needle up between the two strands of yarn wrapped around your thumb.

Step 7. Slip the yarn off your thumb and tighten the stitch on your needle. (But not too tight, you're going to need to knit it later.)

Repeat Steps 3-7 until you have the required amount of stitches cast on. Continue working pattern as instructed.

Try It Out!

It's best to put a new technique into practice right away so that you can remember it in the future. Here are some of my patterns that would work beautifully with a German Twisted Cast On.

Isolde & Butterscotch Mitts & Hat

Pointedly Hat

Giant Color Shift Brioche Scarf

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