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I've been doing a ton of cooking lately & have been thoroughly enjoying my newest cooking discovery/addiction: Christopher Kimball's

They have tons of great recipes & articles along with a podcast & tv show so I've been able to completely submerge myself in all things world cooking when I'm not knitting (& even while knitting sometimes, lol.) So far every recipe that we've tried has been a winner for not just myself, but also for Dan & Cairo which is not an easy feat! Some of our favorites have been: Chinese White-Cooked Chicken with Ginger-Soy Dressing, Chocolate, Prune and Rum Cake, Chiang Mai Chicken (Kai Yang), & Chickpea and Harissa Soup (Lablabi).

The Chickpea & Harissa Soup (Lablabi) is so delicious with it's deep flavors, rich textures & surprising brightness that I know we'll be including it in our regular meal rotations. It's filling like a stew thanks to the homemade croutons, oils & chickpeas, but uses no meat which makes it a great budget friendly meal. (Plus, the recipe makes a ton of food!)

When I was recently making Lablabi, it struck me how much more convienient it would be to just make the whole thing in my Instant Pot. That way I could throw it together in the morning before I left for work & come home to a delicious bowl of awesomeness at night. So, I've written up how I converted the Milk Street Recipe to an Instant Pot version in case anyone else would like to give it a shot as a weeknight staple. I hope you enjoy!

Instant Pot Lablabi Instructions

Note: Since this is not my recipe, I've just listed the cooking instructions here. Please visit for the ingredients & their article on this great soup. ^_^

The Night Before:

1.) Get your chickpeas soaking. (Step 1 in the Milk Street Recipe.)

Note: I don't recomend skipping the soaking for this recipe, the flavor doesn't develop.)

2.) Make your croutons. (Listed in Step 3 in the Milk Street Recipe.)

Don't skimp here by using store-bought... the homemade croutons are life-changing!

The Day Of:

1.) Using the Saute feature on your Instant Pot instead of a Dutch Oven, follow Step 2 in the Milk Street Recipe but instead of simmering uncovered for an hour, you will secure the lid on your Instant Pot with the vent set to "sealing".

2.) Use the "Soup" button & adjust the time to 25 minutes. (You can leave the house at this point if you need to.)

3.) Once the cooking finishes, let the pressure release naturally for at least 20 minutes before removing the lid. If you've left the house, your soup will be just fine at the "Keep Warm" setting until you get home.

4.) Following the instructions in the Milk Street Recipe, make the soft-cooked eggs.

5.) Top your soup with the Lemon from Step 3 in the Milk Street Recipe.

6.) Following Step 4 in the Milk Street Recipe, serve the soup.


We had some leftovers from our dinner so I made pre-packed lunches from them.

1.) Pour the soup into a pint jar making sure to get a good amount of chickpeas as well (they'll sink to the bottom).

2.) Place one whole soft-cooked egg along with the other toppings (minus croutons) into a small jar/container.

3.) Place a handful or so of croutons into a baggie or small container.

4.) Pack a bowl & spoon.

5.) At lunchtime, heat up the soup in the jar (minus the lid). Add the croutons to the bowl, pour in the warm soup, & add the contents of your toppings jar (breaking up the egg with your spoon). Enjoy having all your co-workers tell you how delicious your lunch smells!

Happy Knitting & Cooking!

Shaina ^_^

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