Magic Fringe Poncho Yarn Selection Tips

Hi, guys!

Knitting the Magic Fringe Poncho? Here are all the tips for picking the best yarns for this mosaic color-work pattern featuring 4 skeins of fingering-weight yarn & my special #MagicFringe technique.

Quick Tips from the Video

- Yarns Should be High Contrast

- You Need 4 Skeins of Yarn Total (1 of Each Color)

- Some Colors Won't Touch

- Pattern Features Mosaic Color-work

- Mosaic = Slip Stitch Knitting (Only 1 Color in Use at a Time)

- Think in Groups of 3 Colors

- Lay Yarns Out on a Flat Surface & Play!

- Don't Put Similar Colors Together

- Play with Different Layouts

- 2 Colors Would Work (2 Skeins of Each), but Pattern is Written for 4

Pattern Info

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I hope your having a great day & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

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