MCN or BFL? What's the Difference?


I'm still working my way through this magical cloud of pink fluff and I'm loving every minute of it! ✨💖✨ My question for you today is, how well do you know how your yarn will act when the finished garment is worn?

If you're not a spinner, you might want to consider reading some books about spinning and fiber animal breeds anyways because knowing how fibers act and what their properties are is actually really beneficial when you're knitting or crocheting.

Right now there's a bit of a shortage going on with our standard merino/nylon blends in fingering weight so you may start seeing indie dyers offering different bases such as Merino/Cashmere/Nylon (MCN) or Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) blends.

The difference between these bases is that the MCN will be dreamy soft with beautiful drape and extra warm from the cashmere but it will also pill and show wear a bit quicker because the cashmere fiber is more delicate than merino. So an MCN will be perfect for shawls and other garments that won't be exposed to much friction or heavy washing.

The BFL on the other hand is a very sturdy sheep wool from the UK. It's not a fiber that I would classify as "rustic" by any means but it is slightly less soft than a merino wool and holds up well to wear and tear. This makes BFL perfect for socks and sweaters that will be worn (and washed) frequently.

I've worked with both bases and really enjoyed them, but it's really a case of knowing what fiber will work best for your intended project. I hope that this gives you guys a little bit of a help when looking to purchase alternate bases from your favorite dyers over the next few months.

And, if you're wanting to try a squishy, springy, soft yarn made from the same Cormo fiber that I'm spinning right now, Dresow Family Farm has skeins of naturally died fingering weight available through their site. (Or you can dive in and buy a Cormo fleece to try your hand at spinning!)

Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

PS: Fiber shown in the picture is Rosalita Cormo Cloud from Dakota Carding and Wool. (Who also has a bunch of different wool-blends in cloud form all dyed by hand in an array of beautiful shades!)

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