Mom's Shower Cloth Free Pattern!


I'm working on bringing all of my available patterns over to so every Thursday for the foreseeable future I'll be adding a new pattern to the site! Some are free and some are paid for, but all are fun & will hopefully bring a smile to your face.

Today's pattern is a free knitting pattern for Mom's Shower Cloth!

This was my first ever self-published knitting pattern (hence the quality of the photos, lol) and it still holds up nicely as a good, scrubby wash cloth. The yarn I used in the original is no longer available, but knitters have made this pattern with normal cotton yarn and theirs have turned out lovely so don't be afraid to substitute your favorite yarn here. I've linked some of my favorite dish/wash cloth yarns that would make good replacements at the end of this post.

The main stitch pattern that I used in this cloth was one that I learned while making my Sense and Sensibility socks (linked to Ravelry) and is a variation of the Eye-Of-Partrige stitch that is usually seen on sock heels. I modified the stitch pattern further so that you could make use of the purl-bump pattern that appeared on the inside of the socks because I really thought both sides looked nice and deserved some attention.

The pattern is available to download for free in the Yumi Yarns Shop as well as through Ravelry.

Happy knitting! 😘

Shaina ^_^

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Some of My Favorite Cotton Yarns for Dish/Wash Cloths:

Re-Up from Lion Brand Yarn

$1.99 USD / ball

"Re-Up is eco-friendly! It takes, on average, 20,000 liters of water to make 1 kilogram of cotton. By using one 70 gram ball of Re-Up you are saving 1,400 liters of water. So try Re-Up for your next cotton project: you’re going to love how it feels to work with and how it feels to help save the planet while doing the craft you love."

Dishie Twist from Knit Picks

$3.99 USD / 100g

"Reminiscent of baker’s twine, Dishie Twist is perfect for adding a classic vibe to your kitchen and beyond. Dishie Twist is not only easy to knit with, but it is extremely durable as well, making it the go-to choice for kitchen projects such as dishcloths and hand towels. This yarn is Oeko-Tex Certified Standard 100."

Dishie from Knit Picks

$2.99 USD / 100g

"Dishie is a hardworking worsted weight 100% cotton yarn with a tight spin and high absorbency. Made for dishcloths, this stash staple is naturally machine washable and stays bright and colorful wash after wash. Proudly practical, Dishie is an elevated workhorse yarn that will level up your handmade home in the kitchen and beyond. This yarn is Oeko-Tex Certified Standard 100."

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