Naiad Shawl Pattern Launching Soon! 💜💜💜


I just finished off the beaded section of this Naiad Shawl sample and I am so incredibly happy with it!!

Now for a few rows of garter-stitch & the bind-off.

If you want to see how I’ve dusted-off an old pattern & revived it as the Naiad Shawl, check the highlight in my Instagram profile & watch for updates in my stories.

I’ll post more about the differences in the beaded pattern later, but for today I’m just going to enjoy the weight & shimmer all these beads have brought to the new design.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far, see you tomorrow! 💕

Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

Yarn is One Ewe from MJ Yarns in the Jubilee colorway

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