"Take the Risk." - Adella Colvin of LolaBean Yarn Co.

Orange, blue, and yellow speckled hand-dyed yarns from LolaBean Yarn Co are being held outside in a sunny park.

"We all have biases & prejudices. We all have to work very hard on being good humans. We can all have beautiful, meaningful relationships with people within this industry if we just stop & take a minute to listen & understand what people are saying to each other. And that's what I try to do with LolaBean Yarn Co. everyday."

- Adella Colvin ( @lolabeanyarnco )

2 weekends ago I was able to attend an amazing virtual version of my favorite yearly fiber retreat, #zombieknitpocalypse , hosted by @stockinettezombies. It was better than I could have hoped for and featured Adella of LolaBean Yarn Co. as the keynote speaker.

Getting to actually meet Adella and @ggmadeit in person was one of the things that I was most looking forward to at this year's event. (Did you really think 'Della was going to visit MN without GG? 😉)

So I was a little disappointed when I found out that wouldn't be happening, but still getting to hear Adella's story & her call to action was really wonderful and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing, Adella!

I've been struggling with sharing this post because part of the magic of a retreat is getting to have those amazing in-the-moment experiences that you can selfishly hold onto as memories... or you can choose to share them with your friends who couldn't attend.

Ultimately, I've decided that Adella's words are more powerful than my own right now & that it would be wrong to not share them with you (and completely contrary to her request). So I'll leave you with her message:

"I want people to take risks.

If you don't engage in conversations because you're scared, or you're uncomfortable, or you think you might say the wrong thing... Take the risk.

Take the risk because we're all gonna goof up, we're all gonna make mistakes, and I think most people are forgiving and would help you... would help you learn from those mistakes... would help you un-learn certain biases you might have... and we'll all be greater for it. Take the risk.

Talk to somebody you wouldn't normally talk to.

Sit next to somebody who doesn't look like you.

Engage in conversations with somebody you wouldn't normally talk to.

When you take those risks & do those types of things, you probably don't even notice it or realize it but you become more open-minded. When you become more open-minded, you become more accepting of others who might not look like you.

When you become more accepting, you're a better person for it. You'll feel better. When you feel better, you'll do better. And when we all do better the world is a much nicer place to live in.

That's LolaBean Yarn Co.

That's my message that I want to spread. That's what I want people to do & if we work hard at it, we can get it done.

We need to face things head-on. We need to be uncomfortable until things are comfortable for everyone.

That's what I'm trying to do."

I hope you are all having a wonderful week & are stepping out of your comfort zone a bit, trying something new, & taking risks.

Happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

PS: Thank you so much Megan, @justrunknit, & Amy, @jknitma, for hosting/organizing this awesome event! Follow @stockinettezombies on IG or visit to find out more about joining us in Rochester next June.

(Colorways shown from left to right: Fuzzy Navel, La Playa, I'm a Little Boy Who Likes Berries and Cream - purchased from Stephen and Penelope.)

Crafting Inspiration

I'm still plotting out how I want to use the beauties from LolaBean Yarn Co in the picture above, but here are a few of my patterns that feature 3 skeins of fingering-weight yarn in case you're itching to cast-on!

(PS: None of these are linked to Ravelry.)

Stash-Berry Pi Shawl