Step by Step Tassels Tutorial


In this tutorial I'll be showing you how I make tassels. Tassels are great for finishing off shawls, scarves & even hats & sweaters! They're way easier than you'd expect & are great for stash-busting when you need some quick accessories. I'm making a medium-sized tassel in this tutorial, but I've left instructions fairly vague so that you can adjust the size to your needs. That being said, the yardage requirements listed in the materials are appropriate for making the Jumbo Tassels that are featured in my Intergalactic Wrap so if you're making smaller tassels, you'll need less yarn. You can also just make your tassels with a single color if that's more your speed. Just have fun with them & experiment!

I ran a live version of this tutorial on Saturday, November 17th @ 3 PM CST, thank you to everyone who joined in! I've posted the replay of that video tutorial to my IGTV Channel as well as on my Facebook Page (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

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Happy tassel making!

Shaina ^_^


  • 1 piece of cardboard twice as long as finished length of tassel

  • 50 yds / 45 m each of 3 colors of yarn

  • Scissors

  • Tapestry Needle

  • Measuring Tape

Step 1:

Using all 3 colors of yarn at once, and leaving a small tail hanging below the cardboard, wrap the yarn around the cardboard until it is 1/4 as thick as you want the tassel. Break all colors.

Step 2:

Using C3, cut a 24" / 60 cm length of yarn. Lay this piece of yarn out horizontally.

Step 3:

Carefully slide your wound yarn off the cardboard, place it on top of the length of C3 so that C3 is centered & runs horizontally underneath it.

Step 4:

Using the length of C3, tie it into a tight knot around the middle of the wound yarn.

Step 5a:

Cut through the looped ends...

Step 5b:

... and adjust into a tassel shape.

Step 6:

Using C3, cut a 1 yd / 1 m length of yarn.

Step 7:

Using the new length of C3, make a loop with one of the tail & lay it on top of the tassel.

Step 8:

Using the other tail on your length of C3, wrap it tightly around the tassel & over the very top of the loop to secure it in place.

Step 9:

Continue wrapping carefully, working from the top of the tassel downward until you are happy with the neck of your tassel.

Step 10a:

Once you are done wrapping, tuck the tail you've been using to wrap through the loop that you made in step 7...

Step 10b:

Pull the tail connected to the loop to close it up. Pull tight to secure.

Step 11:

Use a darning needle to weave the ends of your neck wrapping yarn into the head of your tassel to help secure it. Leave the ends from the first length of yarn, you will use these to attach the tassel to your project.

Step 12:

Trim up the ends to your liking. Be careful & make little snips at a time so that you get a nice, even edge.


If you're making more than one tassel, make all of them before attaching to your project so that you can compare them & make sure they match.


Using the tails at the top of your tassels, attach them to the corners of your project.

Try making the jumbo tassels from my Intergalactic Wrap, they're super fun!!

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