Toad Hollow Shawl Concept

For #sundayfunday I can’t think of anything better than casting on a new shawl!

This is the first of my #stitchesmidwest patterns , & it has yet to be named but all the maths are done & a very rough draft of the pattern is ready for me to take a whack at! I’ve been itching to cast this one from the moment Toad Hollow gave me the yarn to design with. I haven’t gotten to do many designs with mini-skeins so this one has been a fun challenge & I’m looking forward to seeing how all the colors will play together in the finished project.

This is a rough sketch of my pattern idea. The sketch is kind of to scale & kind of not 😅. The sections are proportional-ish to how they will be in the final pattern, but the stitch patterns are actually a bit more delicate than depicted in the drawing. Hopefully it will at least give an approximate idea of how the shawl will turn out.

The dotted sections on the shawl are a simple eyelet lace & the patterned sections are a mosaic colorwork pattern. 😁 Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or leave a response in my ig stories.

Oh, btw, the main pink color in the center is Mawwiage (from The Princess Bride 😆) & the lovely ladies at Toad Hollow are sending me a second skein because this will be a large shawl. The minis (starting with the green in the bottom left corner and going clockwise): Mr Carrisford, Xmas at Hogwarts, Moonstone, Hanging the Stars, Susan (from Narnia), and Specter.

Happy Knitting,

Shaina ^_^

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