Tour De Fleece 2020


Doesn't this cloud of Cormo look like cotton candy!?! 🤩

Originally when I signed up for Tour De Fleece 2020 I figured that I'd be able to devote about an hour each day to spinning so finishing off the 12 oz of this fiber should have been easy to accomplish... but things don't always go the way we plan.

I've been busy with other things that are a bit more pressing, but I decided that I can devote enough time on Sundays to finish off 1 oz each week. That's a lot less than the 7 oz I was planning on, but it's a much more achievable goal that I'll enjoy working on rather than stressing out about. (And that's the whole point of crafting, right?)

Maybe next year I'll plan ahead better & take time off from designing for the TDF2021 so I can really get into it. Till then, I'll just enjoy watching everyone else's daily progress through the week & I'll have fun spinning up this cloud. 💕

Happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

Cast-on Inspiration

Are you as ready to knit all the things as I am?!

(PS: None of these are linked to Ravelry.)

Adventure Anklets

$5.99 USD

Stash-Berry Pi Shawl


Intergalactic Wrap

$5.99 USD


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