WiP Wednesday - Godric's Hollow Hat!


How’s your Wednesday going?

I’m just getting to the crown decreases on my Godric’s Hollow Hat for Toad Hollow‘s 2020 Tri-Wizard Tournament so I’m looking forward to a finished slouchy hat this week & casting on the mitts for next week!

It’s been a weird week energy-wise for me this week, but having an easy win with this project in colors that I love has really been nice.

You may have noticed that I’m joining all the things lately, I don’t know about you guys but it’s been a huge boost emotionally for me to get to participate in different a-longs with everyone.

Sharing the sense of community with everyone online, seeing each other’s progress & encouraging/enabling each other is my happy place & I’m so glad you’re here to experience everything with me!

Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

Yarn from @toadhollownj - DK Toad in the colorways Potions (multi) & Illusion (purple/grey/green).

Mug from @stockinettezombies & @deneen_pottery

Bag from @beautiful_syster

Feeling the need to cast-on a cozy cap?

Chapter by Chapter Cap

$5.99 USD

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The Highlighter Affair

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$5.99 USD

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