#YumiBookClub: Don Quixote

Hi, guys!

I'm not sure how many of you know this but in another life (a few years ago, lol) I was a manager at Barnes & Noble & have always had a love of books even when I didn't make the time to read them myself. As I've been trying to create a more balanced life for myself & my family I've decided that I'm going to try to tackle some of those books that I've owned for forever but never got around to reading. First on this list is Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.

Since this book is a bit of an undertaking (and my reading time is still a bit limited), I'm not planing on rushing though it. So I thought that I would see if any of you would like to read along with me. I've created a general chat thread in the Yumi Yarns Ravelry Group where we can discuss & post questions or thoughts. If you don't have a Ravelry account, feel free to comment on this post or you can create an account on Ravelry for free.

I know that I tend to get distracted by shiny new objects so to help keep me motivated & moving through this book I've created the following schedule. Feel free to read at your own pace, I just know that if I don't schedule time for this it won't get done, lol. Highlighted portions in the list below are links to my summaries.

10/1/18 - Read through 1.7 (6% done)

10/8/18 - Read through 1.13 (10% done)

10/15/18 - Read through 1.17 (13% done)

10/22/18 - Read through 1.21 (17% done)

10/29/18 - Read through 1.24 (20% done)

11/5/18 - Read through 1.27 (24% done)

11/12/18 - Read through 1.30 (27% done)

11/19/18 - Read through 1.34 (32% done)

11/26/18 - Read through 1.38 (36% done)

12/3/18- Read through 1.42 (40% done)

12/10/18 - Read through 1.46 (43% done)

12/17/18 - Read through 1.52 (48% done)

12/24/18 - Read through 2.4 (52% done)

12/31/18 - Read through 2.11 (56% done)

1/7/19 - Read through 2.16 (59% done)

1/14/19 - Read through 2.21 (63% done)

1/21/19 - Read through 2.25 (67% done)

1/28/19 - Read through 2.31 (71% done)

2/4/19 - Read through 2.35 (74% done)

2/11/19 - Read through 2.43 (78% done)

2/18/19 - Read through 2.47 (81% done)

2/25/19 - Read through 2.52 (86% done)

3/4/19 - Read through 2.57 (89% done)

3/11/19 - Read through 2.62 (93% done)

3/18/19 - Read through 2.67 (96% done)

3/25/19 - Read through 2.74 (100% done)

As you can see, I'm planning on this reading project lasting from Oct 1, 2018 - the end of March 2019. It may take less time (hopefully not more, lol), but I don't want this to feel like just one more task for anyone. I just want it to be something fun for anyone who wants to join in. That being said, if you'd rather listen to an audio version go right ahead! Do whatever suits your style & speed, just stop by the group to chat from time to time. ^_^

For quick reference, here are all the important bits to know

  • We will be reading: Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

  • Running from Oct 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019

  • Read whatever translation you would like

  • Read/listen in whatever format you prefer

  • Use #YumiBookClub for social posts

  • There might be some contests along the way

  • Post below or in the Ravelry thread if you’re joining in

  • Be sure to have fun & enjoy the read! ^_^

I hope that you guys are just as excited to jump into this novel as I am! Fall & Winter seem like the perfect time to cozy up with some handknits, a mug of tea & a good book. For those of you who are in it for the long haul & have made it all the way to the bottom of this post, I've got a little contest for you...

Let me know if you're going to read along with us & show me your favorite cozy spot by using #YumiBookClub in an Instagram post between now and Oct 1st. On Oct 2nd, I'll pick a random entry to win a free YumiYarns pattern of their choice. See, reading all the things has it's rewards. ^_-

Happy Knitting & Reading!

Shaina ^_^