#YumiBookClub: DQ Week 3

Sunday Reading, Knitting & Play-doh

Hey, guys!

I'm catching up! Week 3 of reading Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes wend much faster thanks to spending my lunch hour at work listening to the audio-book while knitting on a new sock pattern. I hope you're all enjoying the read as well & if you haven't started yet, what are you waiting for? Jump in & join us, it's a really funny read & is endlessly entertaining. ^_^

PS: You can view the reading schedule here. Everyone is welcome & any version of the book is acceptable (yes, audios too). We'd love to have you join us!

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Spoilers follow

Chapter 1.14

Where May Be Found the Desperate Verses of the Deceased Shepherd, with More Unexpected Events

Vivaldo read Crysostom's final papers which described how in love he was with Marcela & how cruel & taunting she had been to him. After it's reading, Marcela appears at the top of the hill & explains that she wasn't cruel or taunting & had in fact told him that she wasn't interested at all. She just wanted to be left alone to care for her flock. Don Quixote forbids any from following her & parts company with his hosts by following her into the woods.

Chapter 1.15

Wherein is Recounted the Unlucky Adventure Which Happened to Don Quixote, in Meeting with Certain Unmerciful Yanguesans

Don Quixote and Sancho stop to eat in the woods & Rocinante goes off to mate with some nearby ponies. The ponies don't appreciate it & their herders beat him badly with sticks. DQ & Sancho try to avenge Rocinante & are then also beaten with sticks by the herders until they are unconscious. When they awake, Sancho loads DQ onto his donkey & ties Rocinante with a lead to keep him from wandering again. The make their way to an Inn which DQ insists must be a castle.

Chapter 1.16

The Adventure that Happened to This Ingenious Knight at the Inn, Which He Mistook for a Castle

Don Quixote & Sancho get very uncomfortable beds at the "castle" & while asleep a servant at the inn comes in to see another guest who happens to share a room with our knight & his squire. DQ assumes that she's a princess who has come to throw herself at him so he takes hold of her & begins explaining why their love just cannot be. The guest that she was actually there to visit attacks DQ in a fit of jealousy, the servant falls into Sancho's bed & startles him awake. He thinks that he's being attacked & they start hitting at each other. The innkeeper, realizing that all the commotion is probably the servant's doing, comes in & joins the fight with her & Sancho. A trooper who was also staying at the inn wanders in to check on the commotion, he thinks that DQ is dead (he's just passed out) & causes everyone to flee leaving DQ & Sancho alone in the room.

Chapter 1.17

Containing the Sequel of Those Incredible Trials Which the Caliant Don Quixote, and his Trusty Squire Sancho Panza, Underwent at the Inn, Which, to Their Misfortune, the Knight Mistook for a Castle

Don Quixote mixes up his magical balsam to heal all wounds. Both he and Sancho drink quite a lot of it & are incredibly sick for hours afterwards. When they go to leave, the innkeeper asks for payment which makes DQ realize that it is not a castle & so he just leaves without paying. Sancho doesn't get away so easily, he is pulled from his donkey & tossed in the air on a parachute made from a blanket over & over. He is finally let down & he leaves without paying as well.


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