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Basic Brioche Knitting Stitches Tutorial

Rich mustard yellow yarn wound into a ball is being knit into a textured cowl with a ribbing made from brioche knitting.


Today I've got a video tutorial showing you the most very basic of brioche knitting stitches, just enough to introduce you to the technique without overwhelming you. We're going to be adding the top brioche ribbing to the Little Fires Cowl in this video but you can use this technique with any pattern that uses the three foundational brioche stitches: Sl1yo, Brk, & Brp. I also have an existing photo tutorial and explanation for these stitches in this post.


Basic Brioche Knitting Stitch Guide
  • Sl1yo - Slip 1, Yarn Over - Bring yarn from back to front between the needles, sl 1 st, yo (over the st that was just slipped).

  • Brk - Brioche Knit - K the next st and it’s yo together.

  • Brp - Brioche Purl - P the next st and it’s yo together.


Basic Brioche Knitting Stitches Tutorial Video

I'd love to see how you take this concept & make it your own! Tag me on Instagram ( @yumiyarns ) if you start knitting some brioche ribbing so I can share it to my stories & we can all inspire each other. 💕

Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^


PS: Thank you to my Patreon members for supporting this tutorial & thank you to Merino y Vino for providing such beautiful yarn support! You can help support these tutorials by joining the Patreon Squad here:


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