Friday Finish: Fiber Sandwich Handspun!


It's Fri-yay, guys!!! And I finally finished off this skein of handspun!! (Like, all the way finished... Plied, washed, twacked, re-skeined... EVERYTHING!!! 🤯)⁠

I have absolutely no idea what the fiber content is because it was a fiber-sandwich from last year's North Country Fiber Fair and, not gonna lie, I am really glad to not have to spin anymore of this batch.⁠

There was something in this bundle of mystery fiber that was really sticky and kinda gross to work with... so I may have just tried to power through it when I picked it back up and I opted to try chain plying again because I figured I couldn't make it worse. 😅⁠

After a good long soak in some wool wash the offending fiber seems to have finally gotten clean so I'm actually pretty ok with this skein. It's slightly thick & thin and a bit "rustic" in texture but I've come to learn that that's about my normal when working with so many different fibers all lumped together.⁠

All in all it's a fun fiber sandwich skein of about 113 yds (103 m) that will be entered into the silent auction at the 2021 NCFF event to help raise funds for 2022. The finished skein is better than I expected it to turn out when spinning so that's always a nice surprise, too.⁠

What are you guys working on this weekend? Have you had a project lately that turned out way better than you expected? Let me know in the comments below or share a picture/story on your account & tag me so I can see!⁠

Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

Patterns Perfect for Handspun:

Chapter by Chapter Cap

$5.99 USD

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Knit Knosh Cowl

$5.00 USD

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Tio Emilio Shawl

$5.99 USD

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