June 2020 BLM Fundraiser Totals

Thank you to everyone who made purchases from YumiYarns in the month of June for this fundraiser!

We were able to send a donation of $86.54 to the Minneapolis NAACP to help support the black communities there that have been impacted by the protests, riots, and general unrest since the murder of George Floyd. It may not seem like much, but everything helps and I'm sure it will be put to good use.

If you would like to continue to help black communities while enjoying your crafting, my friend, Sam of Lavender Lune Yarn Co, is currently offering a special fundraiser colorway along with donating 20% of her sales this week to Metro Midwifery.

I'll be sharing more details on this tomorrow but I have decided to join Sam in her support of this amazing organization this month and will be contributing 20% off all YumiYarns sales for the month of July 2020 to Metro Midwifery as well.

Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^

PS: I'm sharing this for transparency and out of gratefulness towards everyone who has contributed, not for attention to myself.

Patterns For Tiny Toes & New Mommas:

Knit at Nite MKaL

$5.99 USD

(Linked to New Ravelry)

Adventure Anklets

$5.99 USD

(Linked to the YumiYarns Shop)

Zia Hoodie

$4.99 USD

(Linked to Knit Picks)


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