Video Tutorial: Changing Yarn Colors Mid-Row!


In this week's tutorial I'll be sharing my technique for changing yarn colors mid-row in your knitting. This is a handy technique for when you need to add a new color mid-row. Making sure you catch the yarn this way keeps you from making holes in your fabric & allows you to weave in your ends as you knit for quick finishing.

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Have fun & happy knitting!

Shaina ^_^



  • Knitting project with stitches live on the needles (Color 1)

  • Knitting Needles Appropriate to the Yarn

  • A Second Yarn (Color 2)

Step 1:

Work in pattern to where you will be changing yarn colors. Break Color 1 if instructed in your pattern.

Step 2:

Using Color 2, work the next stitch normally (per pattern).

Step 3:

Using Color 2's tail, wrap it around Color 1's tail to "trap" Color 1...

Step 4:

Using Color 2, work the next stitch per pattern with both the working yarn and Color 2's tail held together. (This secures Color 1's tail in place.)

Step 5:

Using Color 2 and holding the working yarn and tail together, continue working in pattern until the tail has been completely worked away. Alternately, at this point you can just leave the tail to the back & weave it in after you've finished knitting your project.


Continue in pattern, knitting in the Color 1 tail when you come back to it or leave it to the back of the work & weave in all your ends at the end of the project.

That's it!

Now you can change your yarn color at will & customize your projects to your heart's content!


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